Posted by: Pat | June 24, 2013

Bike Blessing

2nd Annual Bike Blessing was held on Sunday at Holy Angels Church in Kulpmont.  Tina, Pat H and myself went to 10:30 Mass.  At the end of Mass, Father Stahmer recognized any/all motorcyclist in attendance.  After Mass, Father held a Bike Blessing and individually blessed each bike and rider.  An extra special prayer and blessing was said for all the Motor Maids traveling to Bend, OR for the national convention.

Now, I’m ready to ride with an “extra angel” on my bike.

Bike Blessing 2013

Posted by: Pat | June 22, 2013

Getting Ready – Part 2

Countdown … -5 days.  Plan for today is washing and getting my clothes together.  One more load of wash to do and then on to the clothes.   In between washing I decided to do some dusting and vacuuming so the house will be somewhat clean and I’m sure Bill won’t do it while I’m gone for three weeks.  What am I thinking, he doesn’t do it when I’m home. After  37 years, nothing changed!

The paperwork – maps, directions, hotel reservations – are ready to go and easily accessed on the bike.  Going over the convention paperwork, I need to call and schedule an oil change when we get to Bend.  There is a H-D dealer and a Cycle Center available to do service.   With 300+ Motor Maids riding into Bend, I’m sure they will be busy!

Well, the wash is finished and time to take a break before tackling what clothes to pack.  I need that break since my body is aching from cleaning the motorcycle yesterday and running up and down steps today!

Posted by: Pat | June 21, 2013

Getting Ready

Countdown … -6 days! Today is “wash the bike” the day. I spent almost 4 hours cleaning the bike and rearranging the contents of the sidebags. Boy, were they off balance! I had over 10lbs in the left bag and just about 5lbs in the right one. I’m surprised I didn’t feel the weight on cornering! Well, that problem is resolved … They’re equally balanced! It feels good to do a little housekeeping on the bike. The chrome is shining and the whitewalls are white .. ready for our “adventure on the boulevard” to Bend, OR.


This year I have a new mascot – a special pink teddy bear. She is special because I gave her to my great-niece Alyssa when she was born 10 years ago and now Alyssa has given “Pinky” back to me to ride along on my many adventures. Thank you, Alyssa, I’ll take good care of Pinky.


Posted by: Pat | June 20, 2013

It’s Motor Maid Convention Time Again!

This year we are heading to Bend, OR via CA Pacific Coast Highway 1 … woohoo!  Nancy and I have been planning this trip since March and the day we leave is one week from today!  The routes are all set – printed in case the GPS fails – and hotels booked.  MC has been inspected, serviced and new tires.  Next, wash the motorcycle, pack the side bags – bike cover, raingear (which we will NOT need), wet vest, extra gloves, bungee cords, roadside cleaner,  flashlight, sunscreen and anything else I can fit “just in case”!  Over the weekend, get clothes together which is always a huge pain because I can never decide what to take and I end up taking a lot more … just in case!  You would be surprised how much you can roll and pack in those T-Bags.  Get the box ready to ship to Bend with uniform, parade helmet, clogs and any “extra” clothes I won’t need on the road.

On Wednesday, load the T-Bag on the bike and ship the box.  Thursday morning, with my “angels” on my shoulders, …we’re on the road again!  It will take us 10 days to get to Bend.  A highlight of the trip will be stopping in Bryce Canyon NP to visit with Reen and Al for a couple of days.

I’m going to try and post regularly but no promises!  This time I will be taking an iPad on the trip and I’m still “learning” with it!  Hopefully, it won’t be a problem using the WordPress app.

Posted by: Pat | June 24, 2012

Riverwalck Ride

I met Lois, Ross and Mary G at the Wawa and the four of us had a beautiful ride up to Parryville to meet the MMs for dinner at the Riverwalck Saloon Tex-Mex Roadhouse.  The restaurant is situated along the Lehigh River and has a gigantic wrap around deck for backyard dining and BBQ, and also has a signature boardwalk along the Pohopoco Creek.  It has a lot of rugged character.  There were many old pictures covering the walls as well as dollar bills with messages written on them and posted everywhere.  As usual, the camera was not handy to take the pictures inside!

There were nine of us – Pat D, Mary G, our newest member Maria, Mary C, Karen, Pat H, Teresa, Lois and Helen, along with our Mr. Motor Maid’s (and photographers) – Rich, Fred, and Russ.

After a delicious meal we said good-bye and went our separate ways.  Another great day with great friends!

Total miles … 152.

Posted by: Pat | June 16, 2012

DuBois Getaway

Nancy and I met at 9:30 on the turnpike for our leisurely ride to DuBois.  It was a beautiful day for riding – no heat or humidity.  About two hours later, we stopped in Mifflintown to fill both gas tank and stomach!  We arrived at our hotel in Clearfield around 3:00. After settling in and relaxing, we walked to a restaurant for dinner.  When we got back, we met up with another MM from NJ – Helene, and the three of us hung out that evening.

On Saturday morning, Helene, Nancy & I rode to the Dubois Harley-Davidson for our “meet & greet”.  The dealership had donuts and beverages for us.  Of course, the temptation was there to “try out” a Harley but all the bikes had “do not sit” signs on them – guess that was a good thing for me!  I’m still thinking about it …. the Softail!  HDs are just so expensive!

Other Motor Maids started arriving from Western and Central PA.  They were Viki T, Cathy D, Nancy P, Teresa F, Jackie B, Amy C, Mary C, Sherry M, Diane R, Sue G. and our “Mr. Motor Maids” … Kevin, Rich, and Dave, as well as other guests Lisa & John, Ralph, & Bill!  A total of 19 bikes!

After a brief meeting, we headed out for a ride through Elk Country and a stop at the Elk Country Visitors Center.  The PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources partnered with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and created the Visitor Center which opened in September 2010.  They are committed to sustaining PA’s majestic elk habitat as part of the overall preservation and enhancement of our state’s natural resources. 

We left the visitor’s center and continued our scenic ride through elk country.  Unfortunately, there were no elk to be seen!  The ride ended at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub for dinner.  Now that is a place that serves huge burgers!  They are nationally known as the home of the “World’s Largest Hamburger Challenges”.  They serve a 2 and 3 lb hamburgers on a homemade bun baked in a coffee can!  The challenge is to eat the 2 lb burger within 1 hour and you get a t-shirt, certificate, 50% off cost, and put in their “Hall of Fame”.  If you take the 3 lb burger challenge it is 1-1/2 hours to eat and free burger as well as a t-shirt, certificate and hall of fame!

After dinner,  everyone headed home.  Since we had a 3 to 3-1/2 hr ride home, we opted to stay over and leave on Sunday.    Helene, Nancy, and I decided to take a ride to Curwensville Lake.  Sherry had told us where it was and how to get there and to look for the “ice cream store” on the corner and turn there.  Well, after stopping for gas and taking an unexpected  scenic ride through Clearfield as well as heading in the wrong direction – I am directionally challenged – I decided to use the GPS.  Well, after the GPS kept trying to take us on dirt roads and forever “re-calculating”, and the sun starting to go down, and Helene and Nancy not having faith in the GPS, we decided to turn around and never did make it to the lake.  As we came out of the road … which was the right road … there was the ice cream store we were to turn at – we were headed in the right direction!  On the way back we got to ride past the lake!  It’s all about the ride!!

I arrived safely home around 3:00 on Sunday.  Total trip miles – 580.

Posted by: Pat | May 5, 2012

First Ride of 2012 – Gettysburg

Finally, the first real ride of the season.  Nancy and I had originally planned to go to Gettysburg by car since the weather forecast was not very promising.  At 6:30 a.m. I get a phone call from Nancy asking if we should reconsider and take the bikes since it wasn’t raining – she did not have to ask twice.  We moved our meeting time to 8:30 instead of 8:00 to allow a little extra time to get the bikes, and ourselves, ready.  It was a little foggy when I started out but cleared by the time I got to our meeting place on the turnpike.

We were meeting the Virginia and Maryland Motor Maids to do a motorcycle tour through the Battlefield.  We arrived at 10:45 at General Pickett’s Restaurant parking lot where the tour was to begin.  We met everyone at Friendly’s for a little breakfast/lunch before the tour.  There were 14 of us.  From Virginia – Sharon C., Sharon P., Ellen, Deby, Colleen, Rose, and 2 “Mr. Motor Maids” – Champy and Wayne.  From Maryland – Teri, Cheryl, Kelly and Ann (Joyce decided to go shopping).  And, Nancy and I from Pennsylvania.

Our tour guide, Jim, started the tour on a nice scenic ride surrounding the battlefield.  The first stop was at McPherson Ridge.  Here, heavy fighting spread north and south along the ridgeline as additional forces from both sides arrived.

Then on to the Virginia Memorial.  The memorial is located near the center of Seminary Ridge where Pickett’s Charge took place.  The memorial depicts General Lee atop his horse, along with seven men representing all the men of Virginia who fought at Gettysburg.

Next stop was at Little Round Top overlooking Plum Run and the Valley of Death.  To the left was Devil’s Den and the Slaughter Pen, a maze of rocks and boulders.

On to the Pennsylvania Memorial.  It is appropriate that the largest monument on the field is to the state who provided the Union with most troops, the army’s commander, and the battlefield itself.

The final stop on our tour was at the Maryland Memorial.  More than 3,000 Marylanders served on both sides of the conflict at the Battle of Gettysburg. The statue is of two wounded soldiers – Confederate and Union – helping each other.

After the tour. we said our good-byes, gave Motor Maid hugs, and went our separate ways.  It was a great day with great friends.

After 270 miles, I arrived safely home at 7:00 p.m.

Posted by: Pat | January 26, 2012

2012 … New Beginnings

A new chapter is beginning for me with the Motor Maids – District Director.  “Some of the duties as DD are to cover all events possible in the district, meet members in the district, arrange sectional meetings whenever possible, promote interest in the club and endeavor to get women interested in owning and riding motorcycles of their own.”  It doesn’t sound too difficult plus it gives me a lot more reasons and destinations to ride.  The exciting part is we are a group of women who have one thing in common … a love for motorcycling!

2011 Convention in Grand Rapids was an election year and, except for the Vice President and Supply Officer, all sitting Executive Officers chose not to run for office and new Officer’s were elected.  With new officers comes new ideas and change!

The Executive Board meeting is held in January at various locations … usually on the East Coast.  The Executive Board consists of the Executive Officers, General Counsel (former Presidents), District Directors, and former District Directors.  This year the meeting was held in Tampa … a cold Tampa!  Of course, it was in the 70’s the week before – and after – the meeting.  I did attend the last two EB meetings as an Assistant District Director and this was my first one as PA District Director.  I thought the new meeting formats were well organized and very informative.

I am looking forward to the excitement and challenges as the District Director as well as working  with the new Officers … a new beginning!


Posted by: Pat | December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 – Irving, TX

Another beautiful Christmas with Maureen and Alan …  in their new home in Los Colinas (Irving), TX.  They had a very tight time-line:  closing on December 8th, moving truck December 10th, family started arriving December 21st, and closing on the old house December 23 – THEY DID IT!  The house was ready for us  … warmly decorated and the tree waiting for the traditional Christmas Eve decorating.  Just be careful walking through the garage – boxes and boxes everywhere!!  They decided to put the house on the market in November and see how it went  – it sold within the first week and then the fun began!  I was amazed at how well everything went together for them but I’m sure they felt otherwise.

Traditionally, it is Bob & Nancy and Bill & I (both sets of parents) visiting for Christmas but this year Brian & Will, Al’s brother, also joined us.  It was great … two other people – who each took one turn –  to play Mexican Train Dominoes with Reen, Nancy & I since Al, Bob & Bill won’t play!  This year we played another game I never played – Rummiqub – pretty neat game!  It was also nice for Alan … Brian loves to cook so he was a help in the kitchen.  Mom’s are not allowed in the kitchen and we were okay with that!

Maureen and Nancy went off to Sam Moon for “handbag shopping” while I stayed home, relaxed and read my book.  Those who don’t know me … I HATE shopping … so it was better for me to stay home!   Again, Maureen treated Nancy & I  to our holiday pedicures WITH margaritas!  We were all doing different things … Brian & Will were off sightseeing, Bill was “scouting out” the new area checking for breakfast places and using the GPS to help him get around.  For those of you who know Bill, the GPS was a great accomplishment!  Monday night, Bill & I went to visit my old ICS friends, Ann & Mike, in Fort Worth.  This was their first Christmas in their new home and Mike also spoiled us with a delicious dinner!!  It was really nice just relaxing and catching up with them … we never got home until after 11:00 (Al was waiting up)!

Then it was time to say our good-byes.  On Tuesday, Brian & Will had a 4:00 p.m. flight to Boston – unfortunately, their connecting flight was canceled and they spent the night in Chicago.  Wednesday, Bill & I had a 11:00 a.m. flight to Philadelphia and Bob & Nancy had a 1:00 p.m. flight to New York — and Maureen & Alan got their home back!

Another Christmas with great memories … Love you both!


Posted by: Pat | September 4, 2011

Bucks Co. Covered Bridge Ride

Sunday was the annual covered bridge ride through Bucks County.  Nance has hosted this ride for the last five years.  This year, she had to make some changes due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  The ride usually runs along the Delaware River in many places but more interior roads had to be used this time.

Joyce Nancy Denise Lois Pat

We met at the corner deli at Washington Crossing Road & Taylorsville Road between 9:00-9:30 with planned KSU at 10:00.  Those able to join the ride were Joyce M & Eddie (MD), Denise H (NJ), Lois H, Nancy M and myself.  A few ladies from  the west (Lebanon, Reading area) canceled due to a forecast for heavy thunderstorms in their area.

As usual, it was a beautiful ride over five covered bridges with pleasant temperatures and great scenery.  There were two “hic-cups” during the ride.  The first one was when Nancy had an “early senior moment” (she’s not a senior) when she thought she missed a turn and had us pull off the road to check the map.  We were where we were suppose to be!  The second hic-cup was a little more traumatic for me … I dropped my bike!  We were making a right hand turn from a stop sign and the bike stalled with the wheel turned and I wasn’t able to hold it.  Lois was behind me saying “… let it go …” and I did – ouch!    Denise and Lois helped pick up the bike and check it out – I was not hurt and the bike has a few minor scratches.  Well, I have had the bike for five years and rode over 32,000 miles with it and it finally happened – bummer!  On a happy note, now I’ll get the fender trim I’ve wanted and it will cover the scratch nicely!

We ended the 65-mile ride in Peddlar’s Village where we had lunch.  After our Motor Maid hugs, we all said good-bye and headed home.  Thanks, Nancy, for another great ride.

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