Posted by: Pat | September 4, 2011

Bucks Co. Covered Bridge Ride

Sunday was the annual covered bridge ride through Bucks County.  Nance has hosted this ride for the last five years.  This year, she had to make some changes due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  The ride usually runs along the Delaware River in many places but more interior roads had to be used this time.

Joyce Nancy Denise Lois Pat

We met at the corner deli at Washington Crossing Road & Taylorsville Road between 9:00-9:30 with planned KSU at 10:00.  Those able to join the ride were Joyce M & Eddie (MD), Denise H (NJ), Lois H, Nancy M and myself.  A few ladies from  the west (Lebanon, Reading area) canceled due to a forecast for heavy thunderstorms in their area.

As usual, it was a beautiful ride over five covered bridges with pleasant temperatures and great scenery.  There were two “hic-cups” during the ride.  The first one was when Nancy had an “early senior moment” (she’s not a senior) when she thought she missed a turn and had us pull off the road to check the map.  We were where we were suppose to be!  The second hic-cup was a little more traumatic for me … I dropped my bike!  We were making a right hand turn from a stop sign and the bike stalled with the wheel turned and I wasn’t able to hold it.  Lois was behind me saying “… let it go …” and I did – ouch!    Denise and Lois helped pick up the bike and check it out – I was not hurt and the bike has a few minor scratches.  Well, I have had the bike for five years and rode over 32,000 miles with it and it finally happened – bummer!  On a happy note, now I’ll get the fender trim I’ve wanted and it will cover the scratch nicely!

We ended the 65-mile ride in Peddlar’s Village where we had lunch.  After our Motor Maid hugs, we all said good-bye and headed home.  Thanks, Nancy, for another great ride.


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