Posted by: Pat | May 5, 2012

First Ride of 2012 – Gettysburg

Finally, the first real ride of the season.  Nancy and I had originally planned to go to Gettysburg by car since the weather forecast was not very promising.  At 6:30 a.m. I get a phone call from Nancy asking if we should reconsider and take the bikes since it wasn’t raining – she did not have to ask twice.  We moved our meeting time to 8:30 instead of 8:00 to allow a little extra time to get the bikes, and ourselves, ready.  It was a little foggy when I started out but cleared by the time I got to our meeting place on the turnpike.

We were meeting the Virginia and Maryland Motor Maids to do a motorcycle tour through the Battlefield.  We arrived at 10:45 at General Pickett’s Restaurant parking lot where the tour was to begin.  We met everyone at Friendly’s for a little breakfast/lunch before the tour.  There were 14 of us.  From Virginia – Sharon C., Sharon P., Ellen, Deby, Colleen, Rose, and 2 “Mr. Motor Maids” – Champy and Wayne.  From Maryland – Teri, Cheryl, Kelly and Ann (Joyce decided to go shopping).  And, Nancy and I from Pennsylvania.

Our tour guide, Jim, started the tour on a nice scenic ride surrounding the battlefield.  The first stop was at McPherson Ridge.  Here, heavy fighting spread north and south along the ridgeline as additional forces from both sides arrived.

Then on to the Virginia Memorial.  The memorial is located near the center of Seminary Ridge where Pickett’s Charge took place.  The memorial depicts General Lee atop his horse, along with seven men representing all the men of Virginia who fought at Gettysburg.

Next stop was at Little Round Top overlooking Plum Run and the Valley of Death.  To the left was Devil’s Den and the Slaughter Pen, a maze of rocks and boulders.

On to the Pennsylvania Memorial.  It is appropriate that the largest monument on the field is to the state who provided the Union with most troops, the army’s commander, and the battlefield itself.

The final stop on our tour was at the Maryland Memorial.  More than 3,000 Marylanders served on both sides of the conflict at the Battle of Gettysburg. The statue is of two wounded soldiers – Confederate and Union – helping each other.

After the tour. we said our good-byes, gave Motor Maid hugs, and went our separate ways.  It was a great day with great friends.

After 270 miles, I arrived safely home at 7:00 p.m.



  1. Hi PAt. Found your blog thru Reen’s blog. Nancy sent me her link. We were visiting the other day and she told me of Reen’s trip. It’s great to see you having such wonderful times with your friends and Reen and her husband. Great photos. Enjoy your continued travels. Let us know if you get to Orlando area. Jim

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