Posted by: Pat | June 16, 2012

DuBois Getaway

Nancy and I met at 9:30 on the turnpike for our leisurely ride to DuBois.  It was a beautiful day for riding – no heat or humidity.  About two hours later, we stopped in Mifflintown to fill both gas tank and stomach!  We arrived at our hotel in Clearfield around 3:00. After settling in and relaxing, we walked to a restaurant for dinner.  When we got back, we met up with another MM from NJ – Helene, and the three of us hung out that evening.

On Saturday morning, Helene, Nancy & I rode to the Dubois Harley-Davidson for our “meet & greet”.  The dealership had donuts and beverages for us.  Of course, the temptation was there to “try out” a Harley but all the bikes had “do not sit” signs on them – guess that was a good thing for me!  I’m still thinking about it …. the Softail!  HDs are just so expensive!

Other Motor Maids started arriving from Western and Central PA.  They were Viki T, Cathy D, Nancy P, Teresa F, Jackie B, Amy C, Mary C, Sherry M, Diane R, Sue G. and our “Mr. Motor Maids” … Kevin, Rich, and Dave, as well as other guests Lisa & John, Ralph, & Bill!  A total of 19 bikes!

After a brief meeting, we headed out for a ride through Elk Country and a stop at the Elk Country Visitors Center.  The PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources partnered with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and created the Visitor Center which opened in September 2010.  They are committed to sustaining PA’s majestic elk habitat as part of the overall preservation and enhancement of our state’s natural resources. 

We left the visitor’s center and continued our scenic ride through elk country.  Unfortunately, there were no elk to be seen!  The ride ended at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub for dinner.  Now that is a place that serves huge burgers!  They are nationally known as the home of the “World’s Largest Hamburger Challenges”.  They serve a 2 and 3 lb hamburgers on a homemade bun baked in a coffee can!  The challenge is to eat the 2 lb burger within 1 hour and you get a t-shirt, certificate, 50% off cost, and put in their “Hall of Fame”.  If you take the 3 lb burger challenge it is 1-1/2 hours to eat and free burger as well as a t-shirt, certificate and hall of fame!

After dinner,  everyone headed home.  Since we had a 3 to 3-1/2 hr ride home, we opted to stay over and leave on Sunday.    Helene, Nancy, and I decided to take a ride to Curwensville Lake.  Sherry had told us where it was and how to get there and to look for the “ice cream store” on the corner and turn there.  Well, after stopping for gas and taking an unexpected  scenic ride through Clearfield as well as heading in the wrong direction – I am directionally challenged – I decided to use the GPS.  Well, after the GPS kept trying to take us on dirt roads and forever “re-calculating”, and the sun starting to go down, and Helene and Nancy not having faith in the GPS, we decided to turn around and never did make it to the lake.  As we came out of the road … which was the right road … there was the ice cream store we were to turn at – we were headed in the right direction!  On the way back we got to ride past the lake!  It’s all about the ride!!

I arrived safely home around 3:00 on Sunday.  Total trip miles – 580.


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