Posted by: Pat | June 22, 2013

Getting Ready – Part 2

Countdown … -5 days.  Plan for today is washing and getting my clothes together.  One more load of wash to do and then on to the clothes.   In between washing I decided to do some dusting and vacuuming so the house will be somewhat clean and I’m sure Bill won’t do it while I’m gone for three weeks.  What am I thinking, he doesn’t do it when I’m home. After  37 years, nothing changed!

The paperwork – maps, directions, hotel reservations – are ready to go and easily accessed on the bike.  Going over the convention paperwork, I need to call and schedule an oil change when we get to Bend.  There is a H-D dealer and a Cycle Center available to do service.   With 300+ Motor Maids riding into Bend, I’m sure they will be busy!

Well, the wash is finished and time to take a break before tackling what clothes to pack.  I need that break since my body is aching from cleaning the motorcycle yesterday and running up and down steps today!


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